An Independent School • Grades 5-12

This cheat sheet offers a rundown of common Lakeside acronyms and lingo. Still can't figure something out? Email us at and we’ll add it to the list!

Lakeside-isms (special events, groups, remote learning, and other lingo) 

Advisory: Groups of students who meet with an advisor. A student’s advisor is the main liaison between Lakeside and parents and guardians and should be the first person to contact when families have a question or concern. In the Middle School, advisory meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; in the Upper School, advisory usually happens on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

Affinity groups: A gathering of people who share an identity (e.g. race, gender, religion, country of origin, language, family status, etc.). In addition to affinity groups for students, there are parent/guardian affinity groups through the PGA. 

Arts Fest: Annual spring celebration of visual and performing arts at the Upper School. 

Assembly: A weekly assembly of the Upper School that includes announcements, performances, and other events. 

Asynchronous learning: Learning activities where students don’t have to be online at the same time as their classmates.

Blended learning: A model of learning in which students are on campus some of the time and learning remotely at other times.

Convocation: An event for all students, faculty, and staff that officially kicks off the new school year. 

Crossroads: The area in the Middle School between the dining room, directors’ offices, and the stairwell. 

The Daily: Daily email newsletters sent to Middle School students with important information including schedules, messages from school counselors, club meetings, and additional resources. 

Grand Day: Day in late November when grandparents and grand-friends get to learn about their student’s school experience during a virtual celebration.

Lakeside Fund: The Lakeside Fund, formerly the Annual Fund, is Lakeside’s major annual fundraising effort.

May Day: All-school student celebration in spring put on by Student Government. 

Mechanical Bull: Email newsletter sent to Upper School students on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with important information including policies, club announcements, messages from counselors, and additional resources.

Numidian: The Upper School yearbook. 

Parents and guardians webpage: One-stop resource for parents and guardians, with useful news and announcements, quick links to the calendar and directory, links to password-protected content including the family directory and billing, school resources, lunch menu, contacts, social media, and more.

PowerSchool Learning: Lakeside’s learning management system used by students and teachers. Both class content and remote learning resources are available on PowerSchool.

Red Square: Red brick open space at the Upper School between McKay Chapel, Bliss Hall, and Pigott Library.

Re-envisioning: Lakeside’s re-envisioning encompasses a set of projects exploring new ways to answer the question: Within the framework of Lakeside’s mission and values, how do we teach students to make good decisions and act on them? Learn more about the re-envisioning.

Remote learning: While campus is closed, Lakeside students are engaged in both asynchronous and synchronous online learning.

Rummage: The annual spring Rummage Sale put on by the Parents and Guardians Association. Whether the March 2021 Rummage Sale will run is still being determined.

The Spline: The hallway on the first floor of the Middle School, along the performing arts facilities. 

Statement of Community Expectations: Core document detailing Lakeside’s philosophy of conduct.

Synchronous learning: Synchronous learning activities bring students together online at the same time, like hosting an online discussion or activity during the school day. If students cannot participate in the synchronous activity, they do have an opportunity to learn the material in another way; however, some synchronous activities, like class discussion, cannot be recreated. 

Tatler: The Upper School student newspaper, published monthly. 

Teams: Microsoft Teams is Lakeside’s platform for online synchronous learning and teaching.

Veracross: Lakeside’s school information management system, including billing, directory, schedules, and more. 

Zoom: A videoconferencing platform that integrates with Microsoft Teams, and is used for larger virtual meetings.


APPLE: Appreciative Parents and Guardians Program to Laud Educators. Lakeside PGA's faculty and staff appreciation program.

B&LL: The Brain and Learning Lab at the Middle School. Learning specialists offer study, test-taking, and organizational skills instruction, plus tutoring and a place to study. 

GAFE: Google Apps for Education. Used in many classes. 

GSL: Global Service Learning program. Due to the global nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Service Learning trips have been suspended for the time being. The program is being maintained in other formats as we learn more from the CDC and other guiding agencies.

JC: Judicial Committee. An Upper School committee of six elected members (one student per grade and two faculty), overseen by the US assistant director, who deal with discipline cases referred to them by Upper School administrators. 

LRC: The Learning Resource Center at the Upper School is where students can study, get academic support, and meet with tutors, located in the library.

MS/US: Middle School, Upper School. 

P/G and PG: Parents and guardians. 

PGA: Parents and Guardians Association. 

ROAR: Raising Our Allocated Resources. The annual PGA celebration to raise funds and build community. The 2020 ROAR celebration will be a virtual, livestreamed event.

SST: Student support team identifies students having academic or social/emotional difficulty and designs appropriate ways to support them, in consultation with the student, advisor, teachers, and parents/guardians.

TBH: To Be Honest conversations at the Upper School. 

TPGAAC: The Paul G. Allen Athletics Center at the Upper School, which houses the Ackerley Competition Gymnasium. Also referred to as the AAC or “the gym.” 

WCC: The Wright Community Center; main cafeteria space at the Upper School.