An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Mira L. ’23

This summer I did a two-week overnight camp, which was the longest I’ve ever been away from home. I was worried the food would be bad, and there wouldn’t be any AC in my dorm. (The food was decent, but there wasn’t any AC). My mom was worried I wouldn’t get exercise (I didn’t), and my dad was worried he would miss me (he did, but he survived).

The one thing no one was worried about was me being lonely since multiple people I already knew were also going, including my best friend from elementary school. So, on the first day of camp, I sat down with my decent food and two friends, concerned only by the lack of AC I had just discovered. What I was not expecting was a cheery blond girl with a sparkly phone case and a giant portable charger to sit down beside us. My complete shock was due mostly to the fact that if I was her I wouldn’t have been nearly brave enough to sit down with three people who clearly already knew each other, let alone attend a camp this long without knowing anyone. I would have been too anxious, too aware of all the possibilities for embarrassment. But Glorie didn’t embarrass herself, and the four of us ended up doing pretty much everything together for the next two weeks.

I know we are told over and over to be cautious, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. It’s actually a good thing to be a little wary, you just have to be open, as Marcus said, and also brave.

I’m sure that when Glorie came and sat with us on the first day of my camp, she was very tentative and thought of all the awkward things that could have happened, yet she was undeniably brave, sitting with three people she didn’t know. If you’re cautious in everyday life, just make sure that cautiousness doesn't get in the way of taking worthwhile risks. Be brave and find the courage to step out of your comfort zone. You could be open and introduce yourself to someone you don’t know like Glorie did, but that’s not the only way of being brave, as we all have our antisocial days. You could try raising your hand in class when you’re not sure if the answer you have is right or trying a new club or sport. If you become overly anxious and forget to be brave, then you will be stuck forever wondering what could have happened if you had actually gone through with your intentions. If something goes wrong, then at least you’ll know not to do it again.

This year try to remember that it’s okay to be cautious, but be brave and try something new, something you wouldn’t normally do. Try to take risks! Have a great school year!