An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Bob Henry, Upper School history teacher

Woke up at 4 a.m. this morning but fought the urge to rise. Waiting til 5, I rolled out, padded to kitchen, fed Rosie, made toast, brewed coffee, and linked up to my Haiku pages to review the day. Of course, between 6 and 8, second thoughts could change plans, but at this point I was feeling hopeful that I had prepared at least passable lesson plans for my classes. Got myself together for the ride to school, kissed M. and out the door I stumbled. On the way in I stopped at the U-Village "Q" to pick up bagels and schmear for the first advisee gathering.

It was good to reconnect with the group. Sophomores now, they are still very sweet but seemingly more confident in their rightful place at Lakeside. Summer stories consumed the bulk of the meeting along with discussion of how proactive we will become cultivating our espirit de advisory. The session was full and upbeat and before we knew it classes were convening.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the day before classes, I ran into Tom Dolger on the main floor of Bliss. He and I chuckled at the fact that we old-timers were still in the "house" prepping and just a little nervous about the following day: stage fright for a couple of 35+ year teachers. We agreed that a certain amount of apprehension is not such a bad thing. Absent it would be a pretty good sign that it was time to head out to pasture.

Classes raced by. The plan was to mix humor and philosophy to prompt students to grapple with their concerns and hopes about world and American history. Why else do we call it "The Modern World and YOU"? Why do I call it "United States History and YOU"?

It was good to be at work again on this first day, even without my buddy Jim Gaul, who retired last year. Would that I could "copy and paste" the day for the whole year!