An Independent School • Grades 5-12

By Booth Kyle, director of admissions and financial aid/associate head of school. 

It’s not too early to think about applying to Lakeside for the 2019-2020 school year. I thought I’d share some insight about our school’s values and offer a primer of what you, a prospective student, can expect from the Lakeside admissions process.

The application process opens in September, so between now and then take some time to reflect on how your family values align with the mission and values of Lakeside School. At Lakeside, we value academic excellence, diversity and inclusion, and fostering a global perspective in our students. We believe these three values are deeply connected, and that a diverse learning environment that looks beyond our campus and city is essential to achieving educational and academic excellence. We seek to graduate ethical human beings who will contribute their wisdom, compassion, and leadership to our global society. You can learn more about our mission and values – as well as what they look like in action – on our mission and values webpage.

If you sense alignment between your family values and the school’s, then you should consider engaging in the Lakeside admissions process! What you can expect from this experience is a commitment from the admissions and financial aid office to connect with you as you learn about the school, and our consistent assistance while you gather the necessary pieces of an admissions application.  At Lakeside it is important to us to know our students, and this starts at admissions. We want to truly understand each applicant.

To help us get to know you, there are several required pieces of an admissions application. None of the information collected stands as an absolute qualifier for admission. Top grades, strong teacher evaluations, or high test scores may contribute to being well-qualified, but they don’t necessarily lead to a student being admitted. Our admissions committees build strong classes of students that work well together. This means it’s important for our admissions committee to know you from multiple perspectives – from your own, your family’s, and your school, as well as our own perspective. There are all types of wonderful kids at Lakeside and we hope that you may become one of them!