An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Dylan T. ’22, Sophie B. ’23, and Sydney Y. ’22

This year, Lakeside 3D arts students came together to make over 100 handmade bowls for North Helpline. Empty Bowls is a program run by the North Helpline Organization, which “aims to reduce hunger and increase access to nutritious food by distributing food to our most vulnerable neighbors.”

North Helpline is an organization that rescues food from grocery stores and restaurants that is still edible but have been deemed not worth selling. That food is then processed and given to food banks all across the city. Empty Bowls is an annual fundraiser culminating in a dinner and fundraiser. Local artists have the opportunity to create handmade bowls to donate to the program. At the fundraiser, these bowls are auctioned off and soup is served! The proceeds are donated to North Helpline to help with their amazing cause. This year Lakeside students created over 100 handmade bowls for this cause!

Watch Sophie B. talk about this service project at Upper School assembly

Watch Dylan T. throw a bowl for this service project