An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Kay D. '25, Kimberly Y. '25, and Saahil G. '25

The recently-elected 6th-grade Middle School Student Council representatives shared the following statements of interest with their peers during the election process. Above: 6th-graders Kay D. and Saahil G. draft an email during a Student Council meeting.

Kay D. 

I'll start off by telling a short story. On my first day at Lakeside, about a year ago, I walked into the school uncertain of myself, lost, doubting whether or not I could keep up with the academics, and wondering if I would have anyone to sit with at lunch. (I’m sure many people can relate.) The same day, during my classes, when I didn’t understand something, perhaps a complicated math concept, my teachers were willing to dedicate time in helping me. Then, at lunch, my fellow peers invited me to sit with them. I noticed how considerate and inclusive everyone was and I have made it my goal for the next seven years here at Lakeside, and beyond, to make sure everyone feels like they belong in this community as many others have done for me. That’s why I’m writing this statement: because I want to uphold the community expectations and I want to be able to guarantee that everyone’s voice gets heard. To help out in our community, I’m not going to promise everyone free donuts. Instead, I’m going to promise everyone an opportunity to make a difference. As our community continues to grow, I find it more and more critical for students to exercise their leadership skills, share their knowledge, and create an environment where everyone feels as if they belong, and I want to be one of the students who can help make that possible.

Kimberly Y. 

I would like to run for student council because I want to help make a difference in this community. If you vote for me, I feel like with the resources student council provides I will be able to balance the needs and wants of this grade with actual results. I am willing to listen to people's concerns and would like to be able to help solve them.

Especially in sixth grade, with half returning students and half newer students, I have seen how kids can occasionally forget to be inclusive. I would like to help really give students an understanding of the Community Expectations by not just telling them, but giving them an opportunity to see how they can really affect people's daily lives. As the sixth graders are a younger grade, we come with new ideas, and I want to be the voice that communicates everyone's through to the rest of the school to create an environment that feels welcoming, safe, and a place you will really enjoy.

No school is perfect, but I have hopes to make Lakeside as close to perfect as we can get! I strive to make Lakeside a place where you can wake up each morning and look forward to school. I plan on collaborating with the other student council members to create the best year we have ever seen! Go Lions!

Saahil G.

My name is Saahil G., and I am in 6th grade. I would love to be part of the student council as a way to help the Lakeside community. In student council, I will work to uphold the community expectations through my actions and behavior. I will attend all meetings for student council (unless there is an emergency), and participate actively. Student Council would be a great opportunity for me as well as something that I could do to help others in an effective way. Being on the student council would be a great leadership opportunity, and I will be able to extend my communication skills.

I will work with the Council to help fix the day to day issues that may show up in a Lakesider's life. I will work with them to build a safer and friendlier environment. In every action and choice that I make, inclusion, integrity, and consideration will be the top priority. I hope to improve and lighten the spirit of the Lakeside community. Being part of the Student Council would be an honor that I would appreciate greatly.

Kimberly Y. '25 and Ky C. '23 work together during a Student Council meeting.