An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Leslie Schuyler, archivist

As part of Lakeside's centennial celebration, archivist Leslie Schuyler is posting one historic milestone every day this school year on the archives Instagram. Follow along at or view the full timelines at

I love libraries. Libraries are the best. Which is why I like today's post. Lakeside's first stand-alone library building was erected in 1952 and named for an alum who died while serving in WWII: George Dodson Fix '44. Before 1952, the library had been on the third floor of Bliss, where the large conference room is today. Lakeside's library needs expanded again after Lakeside’s merger with St. Nicholas School, and Pigott Memorial Library was built in 1979. Fix Hall became Lakeside's Alumni Center; today it's home to the admissions and communications departments. Here’s an architectural drawing of Fix (complete with a breezeway which never came to be); the interior of Fix library; and a service portrait of George Fix '44. Thank you, George. And thank you Lakeside for understanding the importance of libraries.

And with a new library... comes a new librarian! Janet Eiseman was the first female faculty member to join Lakeside since the 1920s. Eiseman's husband, Wilmer "Doc" Eiseman, had been a "reading methods" teacher since 1947. As far as I can tell, Doc worked with students who had trouble reading, perhaps this included those with language-based learning disabilities like dyslexia and dysgraphia. The two were quite a pair. For years, Tatler articles included lists of new books Eiseman had added to the collection. The Mothers' Club helped provide funding. To help with library tasks (and to solve "library problems") Janet (staff of 1) had a Library Committee of student volunteers. The Library Committee remained active until the late 1960s. Here are pictures of Janet, Doc with students, and Library Committee members looking downright gleeful. I mean, I get it. I really do. Don’t you? Doc left LS in 1968, but Janet stayed until 1990. 38 years, folks!