An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Grace B. '23

As 5th graders prepare for their first Lakeside outdoor trip, 6th grader Grace B. shares her thoughts on how to enjoy this Lakeside milestone.

The 5th-grade outdoor trip is one of the most fun 5th-grade experiences, and I am here to give tips on how to most enjoy it.

1. Bring the equipment! It may seem like a lot, but it's good to be prepared for anything. Also, you're going to want different layers of warmth because it's pretty warm during the day but can get cold at night.

2. Respect the teachers. You should always respect your teachers, but it's especially important when you're away outdoors camping because you're not just in a building.

3. Don't worry about the sleeping part. If you're someone who's never been camping before, you might feel nervous about sleeping outside in a tent. But it's nothing to be afraid of, because you're surrounded by friends and teachers.

4. Don't wake up too early. It's totally natural to be excited when you go to bed. You're out camping with your friends! But remember that there are other people around you who might be trying to get some sleep, so respect that.

5. Include everybody. It seems fun and easy to gravitate towards your friend group on the bus and during free time, but you have to remember to include everybody.

6. Do your part. There are certain responsibilities that come with being out camping, and you need to make sure you fulfill them because it's important to the entire group.

7. Sing the songs. It may seem cheesy, but it's actually a big part of the experience. Enjoy sitting around the campfire.

8. Take fun and safe risks. Take the time outside with just your grade to take risks. Do something you've never tried before!

9. Enjoy everything nature has to offer. The location of the campsite is very beautiful. Take this opportunity to enjoy nature and everything it has to offer.

10. Have fun! Remember to do your part, but don't forget to enjoy the experience! This is a great part of the 5th grade year, so have fun!