An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Annabel G. '24, Gabi G. '24, Sophie W. '24, and Jessica W. '24

In the spring issue of Lakeside Middle School's Lion Feed, published by the Newspaper Club, four 5th graders shared why they love poetry.

"Poetry is important because ... it is a beautiful way of writing your feelings, emotions, etc. Poetry sometimes does this in a metaphorical way, and always leaves you thinking. Poetry is a deep level of showing what the world means to you. You can't go wrong, and you can express what you are thinking freely." – By Annabel G. '24

"Poetry is important because ... it helps you express your feelings, emotions, or important moments that you've experienced through words. It can help people connect with each other and tell one other about events. Poetry helps you to express what the world, or certain places or emotions in the world, mean to you, in a really beautiful way." – Gabi G. '24

"Poetry is important because ... poetry can help you describe things beautifully, it can help you to express your true feelings for something. It can also help you connect to others about something, or express intense moments." - Sophie W. '24

"Poetry is important because ... people can express themselves through words. Poetry is the writer's picture." – Jessica W. '24