An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Isabelle Q. '20, Melissa W. '19, Melissa W. '19, and Sylvie M. '17

by Isabelle Q. '20

I guess it's not fair for me to say that the transition between middle school and high school was easy. I took summer school, which was practically a tailor-made transition to help me over the huge, horrible jump that everybody was constantly warning me about. "Enjoy it," my friend, who is now a sophomore, would tell me. "Soon, you will be drowning in stress and homework, and everything will suck." But the thing is, it has not sucked. Sure, I have had loaded days and late nights, but a school year would not be a school year without the infrequent stress-induced breakdown.

I think that before I started ninth grade, I was expecting it to be radically different. But after a few months, it stopped being high school and just Sure, there are moments where it's like: Wait a second, I'm a high schooler. But in the end, it's just another year, and just another grade. Apparently, I've got it easy. As my aforementioned friend likes to tell me: "Just wait until you're a sophomore."

by Melissa W. '19

Academically, the first semester went by rather unremarkably for most sophomores – it felt like any other fall semester. Instead, global and current events from 2016 shook the both the world and Lakeside's community. The hardest part of this half of the school year wasn't answering test questions or writing essays; it was struggling to balance the mental impact of these circumstances as well as school work. As sophomores, we are sandwiched between the year of transitioning into high school and the year of college frenzy, so the school year may seem strangely gentle. But heading into the spring semester, we still feel the stress of getting good grades, pouring our souls into extra-curriculars, and maintaining a social life. It's like having three people you care about hanging off the edge of a cliff, and only having the strength to save two. So here's hoping that the second semester goes the way you want it to. Here's hoping that the teachers are kind, your friends are kinder, and, most importantly, you are the kindest to yourself.

by Rocky O. '18

For much of the fall semester, there was an air of impending doom silently tiptoeing its way into the lives of the juniors. More than ever before, college was the source of many conversations that could be heard in the junior section of the library. It seems like we are just anxiously awaiting to culminate all of our activities and academics into one single college application. On top of this, academics have only gotten harder. The week before break, I averaged exactly 5.1 hours of sleep each night, only to find out that the week after break would be accompanied by teachers attempts to squeeze in any lingering tests and essays before the semester ended. But apparently, junior spring will be even worse! Can we just not?

by Sylvie M. '17

To put it mildly, senior fall hits hard. I believe that most of students in the class of 2017, and in every graduated Lakeside class ever, can attest to this statement. The Common App tab constantly open on our computers, the endless typing and re-typing of supplemental essay drafts, somehow squeezing in 20-minute meeting times with our college counselors, and all while trying to balance the rigor of our fall electives, make for the most challenging semester yet at Lakeside. However, after grueling months of college stress, arduous hours of homework (what's new), and just a few monumental social snafus, the class of 2017's senioritis epidemic has struck.

After these seven long semesters of high school academics, we have finally made it to Senior Spring! Therefore, I present to you:

Senioritis Essentials!

  • Netflix
  • Sweatpants
  • Zero sense of time
  • Considering class start time as suggested
  • The mind boggling concept of "free time"
  • College waiting game anxiety (except for you ED/EA folks)
  • Praying to not be rescinded
  • Dressing like a slob until Prom
  • Making new friends!!
  • "Chill" electives
  • Eagerly awaiting Senior Pet Day
  • Also praying to have a better Spring Fling video
  • Leaving campus guilt-free
  • Refusing to ever open the Common App ever again
  • Catching up on 3.5 years of lost sleep

Hopefully, this list can be your guiding light to living your final 5 months of your Lakeside career to their fullest. Give yourselves a pat on the back, class of 2017. But really, do make the most of the time we have left at Lakeside. Despite your senioritis, you should take some time to reflect back on the experiences, resources, and friendships that you have gained over these past four years. Remind yourself of what you have been grateful for and what you have gotten out of Lakeside, both positive and negative. These last months are a perfect opportunity to try something new, talk to somebody you hae never met, take a class that challenges you, and reward yourself! We have made it to the home stretch, and it's going to fly by, so don't get rescinded and make your senior spring everything that you want it to be!

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