An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Dominic M. ’22

Within Lakeside, there is a multitude of clubs where people can share and discuss topics that they may be uncomfortable to elsewhere. One of these clubs is GLOW (Gay, Lesbian, Or Whatever). GLOW is the LGBTQ affinity student alliance club for people who want to learn more about issues involving identity. This year’s theme is spreading awareness about problems such as homophobia, lesbophobia, etc. Now GLOW isn’t all about deep and serious topics, it’s also about fun! “We play games, have insightful conversations, and grow connections with one another,” says Grace N. ’20, a GLOW leader. That is also why GLOW is throwing a dance where you can “Wear white, neon colors and glow sticks, and draw on yourself with a highlighter,” says Katharine M. ’19, who is a leader of the GLOW club and one of the organizers of the GLOW dance. “The theme of the GLOW dance is to, well, glow,” she says. 

Most importantly, the GLOW dance is for everyone! “Whether you are part of the GLOW club or not, you can come to the dance and hang out with your friends under the blacklight,” says Katherine. Also, all the money from the dance doesn’t just go to GLOW but also SALT (Student Affinity alliance Leadership Team). This means that every affinity alliance group gets a share of the profits to go to their causes. 

To get a feel for people’s knowledge of the GLOW dance, I interviewed JR C., a freshman at Lakeside. He said that the candy and note in the mailboxes was the first time he heard about the GLOW Dance. When asked about what he would want to see at the dance, he says “Good DJ, good music, and a good time” which sounds a lot like the GLOW dance from what I have already heard. No matter who you are or where you're from, come to the dance on Friday and you can GLOW too.