An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Vincent W. ’21

As discarded pumpkin spice latte cups fill trashcans and we wait in restless anticipation of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it can be easy to get caught up in the superficial aspects of Thanksgiving. We often associate Thanksgiving with delicious meals, while actually being grateful is forgotten.

Sometimes we forget to give thanks for those who do so much for us, whether they be our friends or family. At Lakeside, our community members who are not faculty or administrative staff also work tirelessly, but sometimes their efforts go without our gratitude.

Marina Castillo, food services worker, has been serving Lakeside Students for over 5 years, manning the checkout register. Students can agree with Charles G. ’21 when he says, “Ms. Castillo is always so nice and friendly when I pay. Even though she has to do a crazy amount of checkouts each period, she always smiles while she works.” Ms. Castillo has worked at Lakeside on two separate occasions, having left to try another job. She says she eventually came back because she loves working at Lakeside, “I like the people, the students from different cultures and I like to learn from other people, and to tell people about my own culture!”

While the football season may be over, Tamra Patton is still hard at work helping our battle-scarred athletes through all types of injuries. Whether acting as the first responder to a sprained ankle or teaching a sports medicine program, she does it with infectious passion and a strong desire to help others. Tamra is starting her 28th year at Lakeside and has already helped so many students like Aya I.-M. ’21. Just one week after a knee surgery, Tamra helped Aya with physical therapy and even pushed her wheelchair from class to class!

As you can see, these members and countless more who make up our Lakeside community do immeasurable services for us. During the Thanksgiving Season, rather than merely passing by the lunch line single-mindedly driven by hunger, take a moment to thank the person checking out your meal. Instead of just rushing across the walkways to your next class, try to take a moment to admire the perfectly mowed grass of the quad while greeting the member of the maintenance team blowing leaves out of your path. Although this season is full of material distractions, it is important to remember its true spirit, and through these seemingly small but greatly appreciated displays of gratitude, we can strengthen our Lakeside community.

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