An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Joanna Black, PGA president

We are all fundamentally social beings. Whether extroverted or introverted, we all have a basic human need to gather, connect, and belong. Not surprisingly, social engagement and giving back are consistently shown to be the primary drivers of a healthy, happy life (source: John Cacioppo & William Patrick).

For our part, we have made it the mission of the Lakeside Parents and Guardians Association (PGA) to actively create ways for the parents and guardians of Lakeside to gather, connect, and belong. The PGA plans and communicates many different types of social events for parents and guardians to come together and get to know one another within the Lakeside community. We also actively encourage parents and guardians to contribute their time and talents to Lakeside, if able and willing, because study after study shows that being of service to others adds purpose, meaning, and satisfaction to your life.

We know that each time one of us participates in or volunteers for a Lakeside event or function, that means we gather.

We know that each time one of us engages with another, or includes someone new, that means we connect

And we know that when these individual efforts combine together to lift the Lakeside community up as a whole, that means we belong.

Because communities are often only as healthy and functional as its most unhappy or disconnected members, supporting the well-being of our parents and guardians bolsters the Lakeside community as a whole, which directly benefits the students. So, we hope you embrace a little more gather, connect, and belong into your life at Lakeside and beyond; it is good for your spirit, our community, and the world!