An Independent School • Grades 5-12
Getting ready for the admissions season

by Wellesley Wilson, director of admissions and financial aid

Happy August! Lakeside's application process opens Sept. 1, and here's what you can expect if you are considering Lakeside. We look forward to getting to know you!

Getting to know Lakeside

Choosing a school is an important decision for all families. Both students and parents/guardians will likely want to participate in admissions events that allow you to see a school in person, learn more about the program offerings, and speak with current students, teachers, and coaches about their experiences. Lakeside offers several in-person and virtual admissions and financial aid events for students and families to get to know our community, including open houses, campus tours, and webinars on the admissions and financial aid process. 

Before registering for any admissions events in Ravenna, we recommend having a family conversation about what's important to each of you in your next school; it helps to have everyone in your family be on the same page. Once you have a list of priorities in hand, your family will be able to determine which events you should attend to get the information you need and what questions to ask while there. We open registration for our admissions events on Oct. 1 in Ravenna, and we're excited to share Lakeside with your family.

Preparing for the application process

The independent school application process can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! The best way to prepare for any school's application process is to make note of the deadlines. Lakeside shares deadlines and admissions decision notification dates with other schools in the Puget Sound Independent School (PSIS) consortium. If you apply to schools in the PSIS consortium, you only have to track one deadline, and you'll hear admission decision news on the same date. This is a huge benefit for families. 

Take a look at our application process page, where we outline the required parts of Lakeside's application and their deadlines in detail. And when registration opens on Oct. 1, we hope you'll join us for one of the Admissions at Lakeside webinars where we review the application requirements, discuss how we make admissions decisions, and answer your questions.

Staying in touch

It is perfectly natural to have many questions when applying to an independent school. We will stay in touch with you via this monthly admission newsletter that contains timely information about our process and stories from campus. And as the year unfolds, you can (and should!) regularly check Ravenna for your application status.

Do you have more questions? Don't forget to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page where we respond to the most common questions families have about the application process like, “How do you make admissions decisions?” or “What's the most important part of the application?” and more. There is no question too silly when it comes to a student's education, and Lakeside's admissions and financial aid team takes pride in supporting families so you can confidently move through the application process. We hope you will take the time to read our website thoroughly and email or call if you need additional help.

We are fortunate to be in Seattle where students have many different school options, so we're grateful for your interest in Lakeside. Our entire team is ready to welcome you to campus, and we look forward to getting to know you this year.