An Independent School • Grades 5-12

By Sam K. '18

So it's finally come down to our last week in Nicaragua and I can't help but sort through my mixed feelings of joy and sadness. In some ways, a week feels like a really short seven days and in other ways, it seems like a very long quarter of the trip left. I sat down at dinner last night and began to dig into my food (grilled chicken w/ caramelized onions, a side of fried rice mixed with veggies, and a side of liquid beans which had a similar texture to mashed potatoes) when my host mother asked me how many days that I had left in Nicaragua. As I sorted through my mental calendar to count the days, I couldn't help but feel a sudden pang of sadness in my chest when I realized that I would be seeing these people for the last time in my life. The same people that cooked delicious Nicaraguan dishes for my breakfast and dinners, shared joyous moments of laughter as we watched episodes of South Park in Spanish, and has cared for me and my health everyday like was their child for the past fourteen days.

It has truly been an experience to savor and knowing that only a week is left makes me want to make the most of the time that have. I will miss my dear Nicaraguan family: my sweet and caring host-mother Lidia, who walks around with a hunched shoulder and the sweetest smile through her small steel rimmed glasses, my host brother Manuel, a heavy metal rock fanatic that only wears Slayer and Metallica t-shirts, my two year old host sister Valentina, who can't speak quite yet but communicates by jabbing at objects with her finger, and my other host sister Estrella, who comes home late after teaching programming languages to university students every day. I will miss my host family, group activities, soccer games with fellow villagers, planting tropical trees in the scorching sun, and even the horrifying insects that haunt my dreams during the night. Knowing that only a week is left, this will be the most important week of my trip, to put myself forward and make the most of the little time that is left.