An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Amy L. '20

Students reflect on their GSL experiences in a variety of ways, including poetry. 

The plastic crates that store our glass-bottled sodas,
The brick walls of each house in town,
Our faces after a game of soccer in the afternoon sun

Everything on the side of the dusty dirt roads,
Painfully sour passionfruit juice dotted with seeds,
Carrots as a spice, pureed and cooked with ngombe

Six-thirty sunlight walking home from someone’s house,
Scrambled egg in everyone’s favorite food—chipsimayai,
Ripe bananas in buckets on top of women’s heads

Tall fields of maize and sugarcane growing everywhere,
My little brother’s primary school uniform,
Vitamin-rich leaves of thorny ant-bubble trees

The sky at noon when the clouds have evaporated,
Ceramic mugs steaming with morning and evening tea,
My dreaded “Safi” bucket filled with shower water

A five-thousand shilling bill worth two-fifty USD,            
Undertones of all three winged-cockroaches I’ve killed,
The African sunset that stays freshi even three weeks in