An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Kris Knutson, Middle School library technician

Every June we try to leave the library tidy and ready to go for the next school year – put it to sleep, so to speak. In summer, even though the library is sleeping, lots of "tossing and turning" takes place: people come in and out of the library to use the copier, find a pencil or a pair of scissors, magazines arrive, bills are received, furniture is delivered, books returned,equipment borrowed and brought back or not.

When I come back to the library in late August, I prioritize the most important tasks. On those first days of school, when students arrive, we want the library to be awake and ready to speak the words "welcome," "how can we help," and "have you read this book yet?"

In order to wake up the library I tackle the easy stuff first: process magazines and take out the recycling. Then I clean up and organize the student supply/work area. Check books in and reshelve. Find equipment, like our headphones that I have hidden so they wouldn't get misplaced during the summer. I do a sweep of all the classrooms to find the library scissors and rulers that students will want to borrow from us.

Then I move on to tasks that take a little more brain work. I check to make sure all the new students are in the library database so that they can easily check books out. I go through the summer's library journals and find new books that I think students will be interested in and look to see if any sequels of popular series have come out during the summer. Then I'll make a list of titles I want to get and go to a bookstore and buy them.

There are plenty of other things that happen even into September as Ms. Hagen and I wake up the sleeping library. One of our tasks will be to welcome Mr. Rob Sjoberg as a new face in the library – he'll be helping with the new maker space.

Come Aug. 31 the library will be awake and ready for business!Until then, shhhh, we are taking a nap .... Just kidding!