An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Welcome to the new issue of Imago. After years on Issuu only, we are so glad to be printing hard copies this year to distribute into mailboxes. Ironically, we are reaching you now over the web.

Imago publishes student artwork semi-annually. We aim to nurture and unify student art culture because we think it could be magnificent. Lakesiders have the curiosity, the empathy, and the ambition which have always acted as the driving force behind any creative community. Imago aspires to support and bring to the surface the natural artistry within the Lakeside community.

To that end, we’re working with Tatler to foster the student art community — many of our designers are Tatlerites, many of our resources come from Tatler, and much of our vision is shared with Tatler. And like Tatler, we want the community to know what Lakesiders are thinking. We want artists to know that there are other artists. We want to hear people talking about Imago in the halls, rooting for their peers in our pages, and coming away with a new understanding of what it means to be a Lakesider today.

This issue represents the culmination of a yearlong effort. We hope that Imago’s re-envisioning this year can work to build new support structures for and between artists, foster a new awareness and understanding of art within the community, and, most importantly, inspire those who haven’t yet found a way to express themselves to try something new.

Sydney L. ’22, Angelina P. ’24, Connor S. ’22, and Aaron Z. ’23, Imago editors