An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Trevor A. '19

As part of their freshman retreat, students are asked to write letters to their future selves that they'll open and read on their senior retreat four years later. We asked a group of seniors, after reading those letters, to look backward and write letters to their freshman selves.

Dear Freshman Self,

I know you are feeling very concerned about your freshman grades and soccer, but I’m here to tell you that life at Lakeside is not all about that. You will fail tests, and people will be much smarter than you, but do your best to learn from them instead of comparing yourself to them. Spend time engaging with as many new people as possible, because you might just stumble across your best friends. Don’t spend too much time stressing about making the team at the next soccer tryout. It’s not the lifelong love story you think it will be.

You need to worry a lot less and enjoy yourself a lot more. The upperclassman parties you aren’t invited to will not be what you remember in four years. Go to as many sporting events as possible and participate in house assemblies. I know you feel as though you don’t have one specific group, but I can promise that you will be anything but lonely. You are a multi-faceted person who connects with a wide variety of people. Take time to understand all of them and how you relate to them. This will serve you later when you come to realize that you’re passionate about school spirit, social justice, and being a leader in the community.

Be open to learning about yourself. You barely even know who you are so how could you know about much else? Use the counselors before you need to, and always talk about your feelings because no one is too cool to do that. Spend time with your advisory and learn from what they, and your advisors have to say. They will become some of the best resources you have. Be curious in class and beyond and remember that being a nerd is so in right now. That being said, please let loose and relax. Be spontaneous, and go on adventures with your friends instead of staying up to do homework. These four years will be some of the best of your life, so take every opportunity and make the most of your time.


     Senior me