An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Will D. '18

Dear Willard,

I stroll through campus everyday now thinking about every class I have ever been in, every teacher I ever had, thinking about all the moments that made my time here great, because it is winding down. I know your journey is just beginning, but sooner rather than later you will be me and it will all begin to come to an end.

So take this advice:

Join multiple clubs. Go to every tailgate, every ‘Bite of Lakeside’, every house assembly. Do events at house assembly. Play as many sports as possible. Ask the girl you have a crush on to the dance.

Make every moment as enjoyable and as memorable as possible. Take some risks with your friends. Maybe sneak off campus during a common free. The amount of time you have to spend with the people around you is limited, so make it as thrilling, exciting, and as fun as possible.

In a few years you will be me and I am almost done with my ride at Lakeside. You know what I remember? I remember the moments with my friends and family. The first time I got food off of campus. The time my family was having such a good time at family dinner we stayed out so late I didn’t have time to get my homework done. All the conversations with Mr. Pina about the Seahawks and the Patriots. The time I got called out for being on my phone during assembly. The moment I got my first kiss. The first time I asked someone to a dance. The first time I scored on the varsity basketball court. The first of many clubs I made that failed. Ms. Kaz letting us watch a movie in class. The time my teacher was late to class so we all left. The first Pizza Friday. All the times I got kicked out of the library for being too loud. Late nights on the weekends with my good friends. The times I got rejected. Mr. Snapp giving our theater production class the period off. The time I was 40 minutes late to class because I was entranced in a hearts game. That one Calc BC class where I learned about derivatives and my mind was blown. My first Just Desserts. The moment I realized Just Desserts was actually “justice hurts.” The time I got a 3/20 on a history quiz.

What made my time at Lakeside so great were all of the funny, embarrassing, risky, sad, and happy moments I had during my time there. You are going to forget all the times you stayed up late writing an essay, and all the tests you scored well on. What you are going to remember are the all great moments throughout your years there so make as many as possible. If it means sacrificing a little studying time to go have fun with friends, do it.

I did a lot of rambling during this letter, and probably a lot of repeating because it is Sunday night and I am trying to go to bed, but to summarize what I am trying to say: throughout the next four years of your life, which will be the best ones so far, make them the best. Do everything in your power to create moments of excitement and thrill (the embarrassing ones will come on their own with your personality), as they will be the ones that you will remember when your time is up.


Your senior self