An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Rick Huegli, head strength and conditioning coach/Upper School physical education teacher

Here we are, sitting at our computers, learning remotely, sitting, sitting. Everything is closed, we’ve got to stay at least 6 feet from each other. If we aren’t already there, we are about to go crazy.

I’m still teaching my strength and conditioning classes and doing it remotely is new for me. To tell the truth, I feel like I’m stuck at my computer…a lot. Alas, I’m going to take some of my own advice and make time for exercise. Regular and consistent exercise is always vitally important for us but right now, with so much isolation and time sitting around, it is even more important. When I exercise, I feel better. My body feels great and my mind steps away from whatever is weighing upon it. Not only am I getting away from the computer, but I’m getting away from the news and things I can’t control. I can control how I feel, and I can control my attitude. Working out with consistency helps me control both.

For the students in my strength training classes, and the athletes who use our strength and conditioning program, I have produced body weight strength training workouts for them to follow. Prior to remote strength training, they had been working in the weight room developing strength, power, skillful competence, and confidence. They have worked hard and have made consistent improvement. I let them know that during this time of remote learning we are going to embrace a different way for getting stronger and improving their fitness, and I fully expect that they will do so because I know they like what they’ve achieved through their hard work. The workouts I’ve given them can mostly be done in a small area. They’ve been given descriptions of the exercises and latitude to make smart adjustments to their training if they need to. Smart adjustments mean: “Feel free to make it tougher or take something out if the exercise doesn’t feel right for you.”  

I am humbled that I have been asked to make my class workouts available to the Lakeside Community during this unusual time. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to take care of ourselves. All of us are athletes. Whether we’re playing a sport or not, we need to move, and we need to do at least moderately challenging physical work. Consistent exercise addressing our strength and stamina will help all of us be at our physical and mental best, and better able to cope with whatever change and challenges come.

Complete this circuit two times. Take two minutes between circuits

Warm Up

Spend 3-5 minutes with light activity, your choice. (See the warm up menu with ideas but no technical explanation.)


  • Speed Squat – 10x
  • Supine 2 Leg Hip-Lift – 10x
  • Push Ups – 10x
  • Squat Jumps – 10x with maximum effort.  
  • V-Up Alternate – 10x each (see picture illustration)
  • Lunge Backward – 10x each
  • Handwalk Circle – 360-degrees each direction (see picture illustration)
  • Mountain Climber – 10x each as quickly as possible
  • Russian Twist – 20x
  • Push ups – 15x
  • Supine 2 Leg Hip-Lift – 10x
  • Thrusts – 10x as quickly as possible with focused technique
  • Reverse Crunches – 20x

See more detailed instructions and the full week of strength and conditioning class workouts here