An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Paige Platman, assistant athletic trainer

I don’t know about you, but I could go without hearing the phrase “unprecedented times” for the rest of my life. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine starting a new position without being able to interact with students or coworkers in person. So here I am, trying to navigate the world of “blogging” so I can formally introduce myself while trying to be as witty and clever as possible.

My name is Paige Platman and I am the new Assistant Athletic Trainer at Lakeside. I am a Washington native, avid outdoor enthusiast, and huge bookworm. I have a husband named Mitch and I am the proud mother of two wonderful fur-babies: a 3-year-old cat named Sven, and a 4-month-old puppy named Ruston. I firmly believe Fall is the best season of the year; I am terrified of spiders; I consider hummus to be a staple part of my diet; the only thing about the human body that gives me the heebie-jeebies is earwax; and while I have never been outside the country before, my dream is to travel to Scotland.

I first became interested in athletic training when I was in high school, where I played soccer and volleyball and took sports medicine courses. I was fascinated by everything that came with the profession, but my parents convinced me to look into becoming a physical therapist or physician. I ended up going to the University of Puget Sound because they had an amazing exercise science program. While attending school I worked in the athletic training room as a student aide and I decided that I couldn’t see myself being anything other than an athletic trainer. I received my Master’s degree from Pacific University and the rest is history!

Leading up to Lakeside I had internships with various colleges, professional sports teams, and surgical groups. I worked at Lewis and Clark College for a year and just recently finished an Athletic Training Fellowship at Harvard University. While at Harvard I oversaw the Men’s Water Polo and Women’s Softball programs. I participated in medical rounds, surgical observations, and unique educational seminars. I also began research analyzing athletic burnout and how it relates to self-reported intensity of concussive symptoms. During the pandemic, my husband and I drove back to Washington so he could begin school at the Foster School of Business (go Dawgs!).

Once I saw the job posting for Lakeside I was instantly interested. Once I went through the interview process, I knew there was no other job I could possibly want. The interview process at Lakeside was truly the best I have ever experienced. Every individual I spoke with was genuine, passionate, and caring (even though a few were 49ers fans; I guess I can forgive them). The conversations we had challenged me to think in ways I never have before. But what really sealed the deal for me was speaking with the students and seeing how much Lakeside and the athletics program really means to them.

I am so excited to begin at Lakeside and meet everyone in person. I believe I have so much to learn from faculty, staff, and students, and I feel honored to belong to this community!