An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Jenny Estill, Middle School drama teacher

The students of the Drama 7 classes have spent the last month serving as costume designers for eight lucky Middle School faculty members. In small groups, students learned about the design thinking process, interviewed their “clients,” conducted background and visual research, and presented three designs for final approval. True to the iterative nature of the design thinking process, students sometimes had to revisit or repeat these early steps to respond to their clients’ feedback or revise their designs for feasibility.

With an approved design in hand, students took to the costume closet and scene shop to begin constructing their costumes. Through fittings with clients, struggles with recalcitrant glue guns, and trial runs of makeup plots, students have put their creativity and resourcefulness to work to bring their costumes to life.

In the final step of the design thinking process, students will “launch” their products for a live audience—the discerning fashionistas of Lakeside Middle School—and gather final feedback from their clients after the fact. If you’re at the Middle School on Wednesday, look out for The Grammarator, Bee-yonce, a dinosaur/clown/Sherlock Holmes fan, the Lakeside Mission Statement, a murderous meerkat, the Apollo 13 mission, Miss Frizzle, and one of those fan-powered wavy arms decorations you see outside of used car dealerships.