An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Nan Robertson, 2016-2017 Parents and Guardians Association president

Today marks the beginning of a big weekend for Lakeside and the Parents and Guardians Association. Our annual Rummage Sale will be in full swing after school with Lakeside's friends and family pre-sale, and opens to the public on Saturday morning. Come find bargains and have fun through Sunday in The Paul G. Allen Athletics Center!

The Rummage Sale is a special event that brings the whole Lakeside community together. Faculty, students, parents, and alumni all chip in to help and work alongside one another. (If you are lucky, Bernie Noe may give you a piece of candy.) In addition to being a fun way to get to know other Lakeside families, Rummage is one of the PGA's two major fundraisers. The Rummage program nets almost $100,000, which is funneled back into PGA programs and donations to the school.

For parents and guardians who are new to Lakeside, participating in the Rummage Sale is one of the easiest ways to help the school by donating just a few hours. No experience is necessary. For veteran Lakeside families, we hope you will appreciate that the PGA has made an effort to keep Rummage volunteer shifts short and fun. Volunteer sign-ups have closed but we welcome walk-ins on Saturday or Sunday. Please check-in at the volunteer desk in the PGA office.