An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Marcus J. '18

The following artist statement accompanied Marcus's work at the April 26 senior art show. These gallery-style exhibits and receptions run from mid-April through mid-May, displaying senior art from all areas of Lakeside's visual arts program. 

My dedication to art and desire to explore my creativity through painting has grown exponentially since my childhood. I began drawing at a very young age and it became one of the only outlets I had to express my emotions. My early drawings consisted of drawing my favorite cartoon characters, graffiti style names, and shoes. I commenced my painting exploration when I was 14 years old. I became fascinated with the multiple styles and applications of painting as well as the freedom it gave me artistically that I didn’t get from drawing. I couldn’t find a reason to continue working towards creating a realistic replication of photos and other drawings.

My main focus became abstract painting because I appreciate the complexity and emotion that can be a part of something you cannot easily describe. The motion and physical connection to the canvas that I feel while making my paintings gives me a similar gratification and energy as playing a football game, running a 100 meter dash or lifting. My process of creating a piece starts very spontaneously. I feel like I create my best bodies of work when I make something from intuition rather than a hard copy sketch.    

My work finds the intersection and connection between the structured and the unstructured, the abstract and the concrete, the chaotic and the controlled. My work consists of vibrant color with black lines, nature with abstract backgrounds, and experimental mixtures of conventional or unorthodox mediums. My work symbolizes the fantasy of a chaotic world being structured and controlled. My work has been influenced by the local graffiti, my fashion style, album covers and the works of other abstract expressionists, such as Jackson Pollock and Sam Gilliam and contemporary artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Ryan Wilson.