An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Lexi S. '20

One of the main goals of my photography is to illuminate the beauty I see in the scenes of life.

I am thus grateful toward photography for showing me how to experience life with more intention and vigor. Photography has not only tuned my eyes, but also my mind to be more present and seek out beauty in the everyday. I have experienced more and more profoundly because of photography.

Photography is about perspective. It enables me to let someone see things the way I see them. It is the perfect medium for this because of how accurately it captures real life and because a photographer can transform images to reflect their specific experience. I believe a photograph is inevitably imbued with the photographer’s perspective, but the best photographers are the ones who are deliberate and precise about doing so.

My camera has followed me around the world, but many of favorites photographs were taken right in my neighborhood or even just on my deck. The most important part of photography is not fancy equipment or travelling to far away places, but rather an appreciation and zest for life and the moments that pass us by.