An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Quinton H. '19

The following artist statement accompanied Quinton's work at the April 25 senior art show. These gallery-style exhibits and receptions run from mid-April through mid-May, displaying senior art from all areas of Lakeside's visual arts program. 

In middle school, I was infatuated with art and art history of all mediums. However, I never thought of myself as an artist because of my lack of patience and ability in the painting class I was in. When I finally graduated middle school, I got a Nikon D3200. I brought that camera with me everywhere and I was heartbroken when I broke it getting a shot of a cow in a storm (it’s the one in this collection). Photography was the one art form in which I felt I could actualize my creativity and visions. Photography has taught me to find beauty all around me and to tell a story with every image I take.

Although it might not look like it, all of these photos have one central theme - water. Living in Seattle, I am constantly surrounded by water and its incredible beauty, however in high school I have learned that I have taken my abundant access to water for granted. The last two years, I have traveled with Water1st International to Lempira, Honduras where I have been able to meet with people who have had to think about how they are going to get clean water on a daily basis. I have had the privilege of celebrating the first moments that clean water has been piped to a village (photo of the woman), as well as meeting individuals who still have lived their whole lives walking miles for stream water (the photo of the man) multiple times a day. As a whole, this collection tells the story of our responsibility as humans to protect how we are treating our water sources, and our environment as a whole, causing millions across the globe to suffer because of our neglect. I fear that in the coming years, clean water will become among the most scarce and sought after natural resources in the world.

As you can see, photography for me goes far beyond the image, it’s a way for me to portray a message and enable my creativity. Thank you very much for coming to my show!