An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Will V. '20

When I started photography, I never really considered myself an artist. In fact, I signed up for photography because I hated the drawing, painting, and ceramics classes I was forced to take in elementary and middle school. I was thoroughly convinced that art in general was just not for me. When looking over the curriculum guide, I thought “I’ve taken photos on my phone before, photography class can’t be that tough.”

I found out, however, when I incorrectly loaded my first reel of film and ruined all my photos of the Woodland Park Rose Garden, that photography class was not going to be easy. Even more surprisingly, I discovered that I actually enjoyed it. I found that I loved capturing moments and subjects that interested me and then showing those moments and subjects to others through photos.

Over time, photography has become an outlet for me. If I ever feel stressed or just want to get out of the house, I like to drive somewhere and take photos. Photography helps me relax, while still making me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile and productive. Lakeside can be a stressful place and high school can be a stressful time, so photography has proven to be an invaluable resource for me.

As an artist, I don’t think I have a distinct style nor would I call myself the most technically proficient photographer. I pretty much just still like to try and take photos of things that I find engaging in compelling, unique ways. I’ve discovered that I really enjoy going to new places and exploring them through photography. This has made travel, whether it be across the globe or just a short drive away, more appealing, and exciting to me.

Most importantly, however, photography has shown me that I do have an artistic side that I never realized I possessed, and for that I am incredibly grateful.