An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Bob Henry, Upper School history teacher

"Shoutouts," is a blog series where Lakesiders give praise, credit, and a few kind words to the parts of Lakeside they love!

Wednesday’s Upper School assembly that featured choral and orchestral performances was a reminder of how the arts programs at Lakeside delight me. Witnessing such powerful and unified talent prompted me to rave to colleagues sitting nearby “Amazing! And to think, we got in for free!” It’s the same when I walk through the arts classrooms and galleries or when, after school, I slip into the back of St. Nicks to eavesdrop on theater productions in rehearsal.  I am also moved when I talk to students about their lives in the arts. Their enthusiasm and confidence radiate, it seems to me, because wellsprings of their being are so lovingly tapped, refined and liberated. Schools that elevate the arts are schools that are in the business of liberation and I am one who is grateful to be in the audience.