An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Olivia W. '22 and Evie B. '22

The past couple of years, the Middle School’s Students Taking Action Club has hosted Day of Silence. Students were asked to remain silent throughout the day to support and empathize with the LGBTQ+ community. As much as we loved the unique awareness we were raising on oppression, we were missing a big part of what resistance means - pride.

This year, whether students were a part of the LGBTQ+ community or not, they had a chance to be proud of their identity as a member or an ally throughout the Week of Listening. On the closing Friday, everyone had an opportunity to showcase their pride with colors flying - quite literally - from rainbow spray paint and artsy Pride stencils for t-shirts. By the end of the week, we felt like there was a new feeling of comfort and openness that hadn’t been there before. 

We finished off with a panel of Upper Schoolers who came down to talk about their experience as members of the LGBTQ+ community. In previous years, we’d never had a chance to witness true confidence from LGBTQ+ students, especially from our own school. Being able to have students of all genders and all sexualities in one room, accepted by themselves and those around them for who they were, was incredible. Hearing firsthand stories about past experiences for students, other people like us, was eye-opening. 

Sometimes, struggles and stories that we hear become far-off tales written in black letters across our screens. Being able to relate to and talk with real people, face to face, felt so much more authentic and genuine. Not only did we have an amazing time laughing about common struggles for both allies and members, we had a chance to see firsthand what perseverance, confidence, and self-love look like.

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