An Independent School • Grades 5-12
by Jennie G. '17

The Senior Retreat is over, but there is still a lot for the class of 2017 to be excited about this year! Looking forward to these six senior traditions helps motivate me through the notorious stress of senior fall...

1. Class bonding
Rumor has it the senior class always becomes way closer over the course of the year, starting with the retreat. I have already been enjoying hanging out with some of my classmates with whom I bonded in my cabin on the retreat, and I hope to continue getting to know members of the class I do not already know well throughout the course of the year.

2. The payoff of the college process... other words the end of the college process. It is a big stressor now, but hopefully everyone will get excited once they find out where they get to go to school. Or if not, at least we will not have to deal with the stress of the application anymore.

3. Fresh Wednesday
This simple tradition of seniors dressing up on Wednesdays gives me something to look forward to in the middle of the week, brings the class together, and gives me an opportunity to bust out my nicest duds.

4. Senior skit
Getting to lovingly imitate our favorite teachers in front of the whole school? Sounds like a plan.

5. Seniority
It is pretty fun being the big kids on campus, especially when that means we are allowed to go out to lunch or grab a coffee off campus during a free period.

6. Senior spring
With college applications out of the way, we can enjoy our final season at school together. This semester will be jam-packed with awesome senior events, including Senior Run Through, Senior Surprise Day, Senior Prank, Baccalaureate, and prom. Our last months at Lakeside are destined to be great ones.

All in all, senior year is going to be pretty grand. I am extremely grateful that Lakeside puts on so many events for the senior class to be excited about and that bring our class together. What are you most looking forward to this year?