An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Bernie Noe, head of school 

Head of School Bernie Noe recently shared these thoughts with Upper School students at a virtual assembly. 

I hope you are all doing OK and maybe even finding some things that are positives in the highly unusual situation we are in. I know everyone is experiencing this differently, so I am guessing there is a wide variety of experiences for all of you.

Like the rest of the Lakeside community, I have been in the house for almost two months now and I wanted to share some small positive things that have been important for me.

  1. I can wear comfortable shoes every day. I'm enjoying wearing my running shoes.
  2. I like having meals with my wife Killian every day — breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
  3. I don’t miss wearing ties, even bow ties. If you've worn one before, you know that they kind of choke you a bit and leave irritation on your neck.
  4. I generally worry less about how I look. I am not super vain, but I am a little bit.
  5. My dogs, who Lakesiders met in a recent video, have never been so happy.
  6. I am enjoying being outside every minute that I am outside, even when I am simply standing in my yard. I sort of took that for granted prior to this situation. 
  7. I notice obvious things more.
  8. We waste less at home, no knowing for sure when we will get more groceries.
  9. Life doesn’t have to be hectic to be fun. Living on campus can be very busy, and it's nice to have life slow down a little. 
  10. Tuna casserole is awesome. I had forgotten that.