An Independent School • Grades 5-12
SPARC: Applying passions to real causes

The 8th-grade Personal Development classes recently completed the SPARC project: Student Passion Applied to Real Causes. The project asked each student to research an issue or cause that they believe in and then complete a personal action step, using their leadership skills to make a difference. As Middle School Director Elaine Christensen wrote: “This project is experiential, project-based, leadership-focused, interdisciplinary, and intrinsically related to the mission of the school.

The results of the projects were posted in the Middle School Crossroads for several weeks. There are interactive displays about traffic and access to water, infographics on homelessness and gender representation in the media, art pieces about animal welfare, letters to congresspeople and the president, and a rap about homelessness. In addition to the posted projects, some students opted to teach lessons to groups of adults and younger students, covering topics such as institutionalized racism, ocean pollution, discrimination against transgender students, and privilege in the classroom.

Below are some photos from the Crossroads display.

Student letters, posters, and infographics.

Water in our world interactive display.

Student infographics.