An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Casey Schuchart, Class of 1996

Pictured: Jomie S. '26, Casey's son, at fall tailgate.  

As a parent of a Lakeside 6th grader and a Class of ’96 alum, I recently attended Lakeside’s fall tailgate, and I write to encourage you to attend the next tailgate on Friday, Dec. 13.  What began simply as a school pickup of my son following the varsity volleyball game quickly led to my immersion in a school spirit hard to describe in words. During my years at Lakeside, the school always maintained a level of school spirit, but not nearly what I witnessed during the fall tailgate. Our sense of community is strengthened through events like tailgate, and I was inspired to see how the elevated spirit manifested itself in the full gym and roar of the crowd.

To those unfamiliar with Lakeside tailgates, I can elaborate from the Middle School perspective. Three times a year, a tailgate invitation is extended to our young students to join the Upper School for varsity and junior varsity athletic events, food provided by the PGA, and spirited activities. At the fall tailgate, our young students, proudly donning maroon and gold, joined the Upper School community to cheer on girls volleyball in a packed gym with raucous voices and loud music. Our athletes were well supported by all of those in attendance, and I can only imagine how the inspiration must have felt on the court. 

Following the volleyball games, many of the same fans proceeded to the nearby football game to support our varsity team with the same intensity and spirit. Sitting in the stands reconnected me with old friends, families, and faculty members. Our community is strong, and through this strength our athletics will continue to feel our support.

There seems to be a new era in Lakeside Athletics, one where our student-athletes continue to find great success and the lion pride is deep.  I am excited to see how our community leans into athletics with an elevated pride and I know that you, just like me, will find great satisfaction in how our athletic program builds community today. 

I hope that you can join the many others on Dec. 13….GIVE ME AN L!