An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Sil Sohn, admissions officer

As the rest of the Lakeside community gears up for a well-deserved winter break, our admissions office staff are thinking about our applicant families and the fast-approaching Jan. 14 application deadline. Our wish is to eliminate any unnecessary stress for our applicants around this time, especially at the end of an incredibly unusual year filled with unexpected challenges.

Below, we have outlined the required application items that need to be received by the Jan. 14 application deadline as well as those required items that can be received and completed after that date. We’ve also included an important update about testing.

A good rule of thumb is that those items within a family’s control are due no later than Jan. 14, 2021. Items outside a family’s control (that require completion of a third party) can arrive to our office after Jan. 14.

Items due on or before Jan. 14, 2021:

  • Preliminary application and fee.
  • PSIS student short answers.
  • PSIS student essay.
  • PSIS student interests and activities form.
  • PSIS parent/guardian statement.

Items due as close as possible to Jan. 14, 2021:

Note: Please delegate applicable forms, references, and evaluations well before Jan. 14, so that the person responsible has time to turn them in before the end of January.

  • Middle School admissions activity and Upper School interview. (Please sign up for an admissions activity or an interview ASAP so you can complete this requirement by the end of January.)
  • Two teacher evaluations.
  • PSIS school administrator form.
  • One personal reference.
  • Grades/transcripts.

We receive many questions regarding interview deadlines. Applications are considered on time even if an interview or admissions activity takes place after Jan. 14. We do ask families to complete their registration for an admissions activity or interview through Ravenna before Jan. 14. Upper School interviews are available during Lakeside’s winter break, and both admissions activity and interviews will be available through the end of January. Available dates are listed in Ravenna.

Important update on required testing

We recognize testing during the pandemic has been less than ideal. To address the continuing hurdles with testing, Lakeside has worked with other Seattle schools and ERB/ISEE to create more options with dedicated testing dates specifically for our schools’ applicants. Due to faster turn-around time for test results from “ISEE at Home - Seattle,” Upper School applicants can now take their ISEE test as late as Jan. 27 and Middle School applicants can take their ISEE test as late as Feb. 6 for their application to be considered on time.

Please follow this link to view the available test dates for Seattle and schedule a testing date.

Applicants must take the following steps (the ISEE’s “Critical Testing Instructions”) as part of this process.

  1. Download and thoroughly review the “ISEE at Home Family Guide.” (Click the button “download instructions” – see screenshot below.)
  2. Download the ISEE secure browser and run a practice session before a student's test day. (Click “download secure browser” – see screenshot below.)


We strongly prefer applicants submit current year ISEE/SSAT scores. However, if this is not possible for a student, we will accept ISEE or SSAT scores from the 2019-2020 admissions season. Please consider this as a last resort. Additionally, we will not accept an old score in lieu of a current score that has already been submitted.

More information, including the dates and resources, are available on the “ISEE at Home – Seattle” webpage.

Checking the status of an application in Ravenna

Families: If you don’t see an item marked complete in Ravenna, even though you have submitted it, please don’t panic! Our team reviews each submitted item individually to ensure it meets application requirements; as the year gets busier, many items are received each day and may not be immediately marked complete upon submission. Please allow two to four business days for an item to be marked as received. Items received over winter break will be reviewed when Lakeside resumes in January. When possible, please check Ravenna before contacting our office to inquire about receipt of materials or to confirm the status of your application. If a submitted item does not meet the application requirements outlined in Ravenna, you will see a note from our office next to the item with a detailed explanation.

Applications will not be considered late due to internal processing time. Lakeside will begin contacting schools regarding missing transcripts starting the week of Feb. 1, 2021, and we are happy to answer questions about the complete/incomplete status of applications after Jan. 31.

Additional information can be found in Ravenna and on the admissions webpage. Admissions office staff can be reached by email ( Please note the admissions office will be closed December 24, 25, 31 and Jan. 1.

Thank you for being our partners and sticking with us through this unprecedented virtual admissions year. We wish you all a safe, warm, and healthy winter break!