An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Carly Pansulla, Upper School librarian

Pigott Memorial Library, like all modern libraries, collects resources for our users in a variety of formats; while we all work and learn remotely, the library is relying exclusively on our digital resources, and the Upper School library team has been curating additional resource lists for students, faculty, and staff to help connect our community to content that is meaningful and useful in these challenging times. Below are some of the highlights from the resources we’ve highlighted over the past several weeks. Please reach out to us at if you have questions!

For families and those young at heart 
  • Harry Potter at Home - Video readings, activities, and more! Current video readings of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone," Chapter 1 (read by Danielle Radcliffe), Chapter 2 (read by Noma Dumezweni), and Chapter 3 (read by Eddie Redmayne).
  • Lego #letsbuildtogether - Daily design and play challenges.
  • Draw With Drew and Rosie - Adobe and Time present Drew, book illustrator and Creative Director for Time for Kids, and his sidekick Rosie in a small selection of drawing and imagination videos.
  • Calling all Coraline fans: the New York Public Library is hosting an online reading of Coraline, read by the author Neil Gaiman, as well as Levar Burton, Rosario Dawson, and Dakota Fanning. Additional chapters are read each night this week, and previous chapters are still available to watch. Explore past NYPL readings on their YouTube channel.
For streaming movies at a distance with friends and family
  • Netflix Party - Watch Netflix at the same time with friends and family, includes text chatting capabilities.
  • Scener - Watch Netflix at the same time with friends and family, includes built-in text and video chatting capabilities.
  • twoseven - Watch videos (supports multiple streaming services) with friends and family, includes text and video chatting capabilities.
Game corner
  • Board Game Arena - Online platform to play games with friends, free access.
  • Tabletopia - Online platform to play games with friends. While there are different tiers of pricing for different levels of access, there is also a free option.
  • Catan Universe - Play Settlers of Catan online with friends.
  • Fallen London - A Victorian alternate history narrative role playing game.
  • Celeste Classic - Play the original free browser version of popular indie game Celeste.  
  • A Dark Room - A text adventure game.
Local events and organizations
Educational resources
  • PBS Nova Marathons - Free streaming collections of past Nova episodes, organized by theme. Currently available: Planet Earth, Health and Medicine, and Animals.  
  • PBS Asian Americans Docu-series - A five-part docuseries from PBS about the history of Asian Americans.
  • Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum - American printed cartoon art museum established in 1977, website includes access to digital collections. 
  • Space 4U Podcast - Space expert podcast interviews from the Space Foundation.
  • Pantone Connect - Pantone Connect for Adobe Creative Cloud is free to use through July 1, 2020.
  • Passion Planner - Free planner and time management downloads from Passion Planner.
  • Time Management Online - if you’re finding it challenging to focus with so much happening online, try one of these tools to help you stay focused:
    • The Marinara Timer, based on the Pomodoro Technique, lets you use set or custom timers to schedule focus and break times. 
    • Forest, an app that leverages the joy of watching something grow to help you stay focused.