An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Bernie Noe, head of school

Since we’ve launched our remote learning plan, I’ve made it a priority to connect with students to hear how they are doing. I have been able to talk to quite a few of them online this past week, and my read on things is that, for the most part, they are doing OK.

Specifically, I have heard:

  • That they all miss their friends, and also those folks who maybe aren’t their best friends but are people they talk to or see in class every day. I’ve suggested they call those folks and surprise them. I bet they miss talking too.
  • That the first week or two of remote learning required significant adjustment but that they are slowly acclimating to school online. And, that this is happening at different speeds for different people.
  • That they are learning about 60-70% online what they learn in classes each day. One person told me that he misses the knowledge he could gain by just listening in class and now he has to read everything.
  • It is easier to learn in some classes than in others, and which classes are easier varies from student to student.
  • They all are navigating multiple platforms to get assignments.
  • It is isolating to work online all day.
  • Many of them told me that their teachers are now finding a good balance with assigning work.
  • Everyone is missing their sport, arts, and club activities.
  • Some of them are finding time to pursue hobbies, hang out more with family, sleep more; and they do not miss their commute to school.

The surveys that students complete each week help me, their advisors, and all of the adults at the school continue to adapt Lakeside’s program to best serve the student body. And we will regularly reflect back what we learn!