An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Director of Athletics Chris Hartley announced on May 29, 2020 that Kivonne Tucker, Middle and Upper School physical education and wellness teacher and coach, has received the 2020 Harry Swetnam Award.

“It is my distinct pleasure to inform you,” Hartley wrote in an email to Tucker, “that you have been selected as the 2020 Harry Swetnam Award Winner. Your impact on our community has been remarkable and lasting. How many kids have your cared for, supported, and helped through difficult situations? How many times have you sacrificed your time and energy to make sure an athlete or student felt loved and supported? How many alumni out there are successful because of what you taught them about compassion, respect, and inclusivity? The numbers are astounding, and few will ever have the impact that you have had. Because of you, our school is a better place. Because of you, generations of students learned how to work hard and look for opportunities to help others. Thank you for serving this school and the athletics department so well. Thank you for sharing your core values, for upholding Lakeside’s core values, and for putting your students and athletes at the top of your priority list.”

The Harry Swetnam Award was inaugurated in 1994 by Friends of Lakeside Athletics and is given each year to the Lakeside parent or friend who perpetuates the spirit and camaraderie that were so important to the man for whom this award is named.

Go Lions!

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