An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Chris Hartley, director of athletics

Hello, Lakeside Lions!

It has been so exciting to watch our Upper School fall teams in action! We are halfway through the season; our teams are healthy; and, there is joy and excitement as our students train and compete.

This email shares some exciting news about a small set of fans who will be able to attend contests; to remind you of what the start of season two looks like for our Upper School students; and, to give Middle School families an update on what we have planned for students after spring break.

The following policy has been approved by all of the schools in the Metro League. Beginning, Thursday, March 25 two fans per SENIOR athlete will be allowed to attend OUTDOOR interscholastic competitions (cross country, football, golf, girls soccer), both home and away. This will continue for two weeks. If there are no issues, two fans per senior will be allowed for volleyball. If there are no issues for the remainder of season one, the League will review its policy and potentially expand the number of fans allowed at contests in season two.

I recognize that Phase 3 of the governor's plan allows for more fans to be at venues than this policy does. I ask for your patience as you consider the strain on athletics staffs at all of the different schools within the Metro League. Allowing fans creates new polices and oversight for athletics staffs that must be followed to ensure safety. So, please respect the conservative rollout, and know that we hope to have more fans present as the weeks pass. 

And, if you can't be an in-person fan, remember that we livestream most events!

How will it work?

  • Program heads and head coaches will connect with seniors and request the two names for the people who will attend their competition (those people can change from one contest to the next).
  • Lakeside and the opposing team will submit those lists.
  • When fans arrive at the venue, they will check-in, complete a COVID screening, and print & sign their name.
  • Fans must wear masks at all times.
  • The two fans of a senior can sit/stand next to each other.
  • Fans from different seniors must remain at least six feet apart.

Please be respectful of this policy.

  • There will be a great deal for athletics staffs from all schools to manage with the addition of fans. Please don't make that job harder by showing up when you are not on the list.
  • "Two means two." You cannot bring young children, or the uncle/aunt/family friend who is visiting from out of town as a "very special third fan."
  • STUDENTS: I know you want to cheer on your peers, but at this time, you can only attend if you are listed as one of the official fans of a senior.
  • FACULTY/STAFF: Unless you are one of the two fans, you cannot attend events, even girls soccer games on Parsons.
  • If there are significant issues across the board, you can anticipate that the Metro League will return to a no-fan policy.

This is really exciting news, and I am so happy that parents and guardians of our seniors can see their students compete in the last few events of this season. Thanks to everyone for supporting our teams in all of the best ways possible!

As was shared in a previous update, please remember that the last week of competitions for season one is our spring break (April 12-16). If athletes are not going to be able to participate with their team that week, make sure coaches know.

Season two (all winter and spring sports) begins on Monday, April 19. Even though this is a remote learning week for students, practices begin on Monday, April 19. To be eligible to practice/tryouts on Monday, students cannot be out of the state beginning Monday, April 12 and must have a negative COVID test on file.

Lakeside will provide COVID testing for all season two athletes on Thursday, April 15, 3-7 pm and Friday, April 16, 8 am-3 pm. And, once the season begins, all students who have a negative test can attend team events whether they attend classes in-person or remotely. Testing throughout the season will happen on Fridays at Lakeside, 8 am-3 pm.

The second week of the season will be when competitions begin, and athletes must have practiced with the team at least five times to be eligible to compete.

We recognize that some athletes will need to choose between a winter and spring sport and that this will be disappointing. If athletes are struggling with their decision, we encourage them to talk with their coaches, their advisor, or any other trusted member of the Lakeside community. Coaches know that this is a difficult decision and will be supportive no matter what the athlete's decision is. Athletes should pick the sport that they enjoy playing the most. 

If a student wants to be added or removed from a roster, please contact Kaitlyn Overstreet in the athletics office.

Plans are coming together for our Middle School students to participate in athletic activities when they return to in-person learning after spring break. By the end of this week, parents and guardians will receive an email and survey from the Middle School teachers and administrators who are organizing these activities. Please complete the survey as soon as you get it.

Those participating in this program will not compete against other schools. There will be intramural competitions in games like soccer, volleyball, basketball, and maybe even table tennis! Students input will help guide this program. And, everyone who participates gets a Lakeside t-shirt!

As always, reach out if you have any questions.

Go Lions!

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