An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Bryan Smith, director of experiential education/COVID-19 health and safety officer

As we have shared in previous emails, Lakeside will use Magnus Health for students’ daily health screenings in order to check for symptoms of COVID-19. This daily screening is a critical part of our health and safety protocols and is a necessary action every family must take if we hope to bring students back on campus. As we implement these procedures, we will work to ensure that each family has the tools and training they need. 

We will begin to implement this screening process in September, to give families time to learn the system and make the screening part of their daily routine. All Lakeside families must fill out the health screening questions beginning the first day of school.

Parents and guardians will complete the daily screening using the Magnus Health mobile app; or, when it becomes available, the Magnus Health web portal. All information provided to Magnus Health is confidential.

Please take the following steps before Sept. 1.

  • Download the free Magnus Mobile V2 App to a smartphone (it can be found in the App store).
  • Once you complete the download, review the instructions in this parent/guardian tutorial; it includes  how to log on and use your current username and password for Magnus Health. It is the same username and password for when you access Magnus Health for re-enrollment.
  • Schedule two minutes per child to complete the screening each morning. Screenings should be submitted by 8 a.m.

We will continue the daily health screening while we are in remote learning this September. It will be important for all families to quickly get in the habit of completing the screening. Once we open for the blended model, parents and guardians will only need to fill it out when their student is scheduled to come to Lakeside; Magnus Health will provide instruction on whether it is safe for the student to come on campus.

You can find more information about COVID testing, screenings, and contact tracing on the reopening webpage. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Director of Experiential Education Bryan Smith serves as Lakeside’s COVID-19 health and safety officer. You can reach him at or 206-440-2833