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Equity and Inclusion Virtual Speaker Series: Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. on Nov. 15

The 2022–2023 Equity & Inclusion Virtual Speaker Series continues with Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. Dr. Moore will present “NWord: Is There a Message in the Madness” via Zoom at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 15. 

Participants are challenged to examine their personal and professional histories with the N!Word, when and/or how they first heard the N!Word, and pictures or feelings associated with the word. The workshop encourages all people, especially future leaders, educators, and parents, to consider the ramifications of casual or uninformed usage of a powerful and troublesome word.

Participants will leave the session with a heightened understanding of the impact of the word, especially on our youth, build strategies for eliminating the word from a school/curriculum, gain resources for continued growth, and develop a plan for addressing difficult conversations.

The Equity and Inclusion Virtual Speaker Series is a program led by a number of independent schools to offer our communities and beyond the opportunity to connect, learn, and engage in topics around equity, inclusion, and antiracist education and action. The program invites speakers throughout the academic year to create access to recognized authors and speakers that engage participants in complex topics through dialogue and cross-cultural communication. View the full speaker lineup for the 2022-2023 series and RSVP for future events here.

The speaker series is sponsored by various independent schools in NWAIS, but aims to serve a public purpose by making this programming free and accessible to non-NWAIS schools and communities.

Learn more about Lakeside’s work in diversity, equity, and inclusion on our DEI webpage.