An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Lakeside has reorganized and expended classes related to wellness and personal development into the new 5-12 personal development and wellness department.

Watch this short video featuring department head Julie Lutton ’03 sharing the top three things students and families should know about this department and its classes.

Lutton’s colleagues in the department include:

  • Meg Wolfe, Middle School personal development teacher (5th grade)/ learning resources coordinator/head of Middle School student support team
  • Yvette Avila, Middle School personal development teacher (6th and 7th grade)/student equity programs coordinator
  • Meera Patankar, Middle School personal development teacher (7th and 8th grade)/Middle School Global Service Learning manager
  • Matt Miller, Middle School and Upper School PE and wellness teacher/admissions associate/head swim coach
  • Eleanor Long, Upper School PE and wellness teacher

“One unique thing about our department is that everyone is also part of another department, which makes our work truly interdisciplinary!” shared Lutton. “Our role is to be a voice for health and wellbeing, both of our students, our faculty and staff, and our families.”

Lakeside’s recent re-envisioning process identified a “healthy” mindset as being one of the competencies and mindsets the school will focus on teaching students over the course of their time here. The school believes these competencies and mindsets are especially appropriate for students to engage in during grades 5-12, in preparation for their future educational goals and their personal and professional lives.

Lakesiders acting with a healthy mindset:

  • Prioritize mental, physical, emotional, and social health over competition, grades, appearance, socially fitting in, and technology and media use.
  • Prioritize sleep.
  • Use effective stress-management tools.
  • Engage in a consistent program of nutrition, hydration, movement, play, exercise, and personal reflective practice.
  • Use available resources for information and guidance on making healthy choices; connect with teachers, advisors, coaches, or counselors, as well as personal resources like family, friends, doctors, and faith communities.
  • Explore interests and passions, and embrace joy, fun, and positivity.

Learn more about the competencies and mindsets.