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Grand Day at the Upper School

 Please note: The following information was emailed to parents and guardians on Nov. 17.

Grand Day is at the Upper School on Wednesday, Nov. 23.  Grandparents and special friends are invited to experience a morning at Lakeside with their student. This celebration alternates years between the Middle and Upper School. This year, we welcome guests to breakfast and morning classes with their Upper School student.

A printed invitation was mailed to Upper School grandparents and special friends in early October. If a student’s grandparents or grandfriends did not receive the invitation, it is not too late for them to attend! Please email  with the name of your Upper School student, the name of their grandparent or grandfriend, and we will look forward to seeing them next Wednesday.

This is the first in-person Upper School Grand Day since 2018 and we are heartened by the response! Some parents and guardians have asked if they may attend. This event is designed especially for grandparents and grandfriends; space constraints do not allow us to include parents and guardians.

Parents and guardians who would like to volunteer for this day can may sign up here.  


What is Grand Day and who is invited?

Grand Day is an annual celebration of Lakeside community that alternates between the Middle School and Upper School from year to year. Students’ grandparents (or other adult relatives or special friends) are invited.  In 2022 Grand Day will be held at the Upper School. Guests are invited to experience a morning at Lakeside with their student. They are treated to a light buffet breakfast, get their photos taken with their student, and attend classes with their student.

When is Grand Day?

Grand Day is hosted on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Grand Day will be held on Wednesday, November 23, 2022.   

How is information communicated to families?

In September, an email is sent to all parents and guardians to ensure the Grand Day invitation list reflects the wishes of our families.

Once our invitation list is finalized, a printed invitation is mailed to grandparents and special family friends in early October.  The invitation includes the schedule of the day’s events. Students who are expecting a guest(s) will receive a one-page information sheet in their mailboxes the week before the event that includes the name of their guest(s) and everything they will need to know, including the schedule of the day. 

Is Grand Day sponsored by the PGA?

The development office sponsors Grand Day and the PGA supports it by providing a volunteer chairperson for the event.

What is the schedule for the morning?

A schedule of the day’s events will be included in the mailed invitation.

8 a.m.              Grandparents and special friends arrive and enjoy breakfast in the Wright Community Center.

8:30 a.m.         Welcome by Head of School Kai Bynum and Upper School Director Ryan Boccuzzi.

8:40 a.m.         Students greet guests in the WCC for photos and conversation.

9 a.m.              Classroom visit.

9:50 a.m.         Classroom visit.

11 a.m.            End of scheduled events.

Will I receive a photo from the day?

A professional photographer is hired to take portrait photos of students and their guests. If your student has their photo taken, a copy will be mailed to you and to your student’s guest(s) by early January. Volunteers will remind students and guests to have their photos taken.

Are guests asked to make a donation to Lakeside at the event?

No, there is no request to make a donation to Lakeside on Grand Day.  Lakeside does depend on donations to support its programs, students, and faculty, and all members of the Lakeside community, including grandparents, are asked throughout the year to consider a gift to the school.