An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Camilla Calkins, coordinator of books and instructional materials

University Book Store handles textbook purchases and buyback for Lakeside School. Families can visit University Book Store (in the University District) to purchase books for their students or buy books online.

Book lists for classes

Book information and supplies required for Middle School students are listed below. 

Upper School students will receive an email on Monday, Aug. 12 with information about how to access their class schedules on Veracross; information on requesting course changes; and additional information on purchasing textbooks for their courses. Upper School parents and guardians will also receive an email with information about how to access their students’ schedules.

Purchasing textbooks

University Book Store’s website has a dedicated portal for Lakeside students and families where they can compare prices of books from different vendors. Families can choose to pick up University Book Store purchases at no cost from one of several locations (in the University District, Bothell, Mill Creek, or Tacoma) or have purchases (including those from other vendors) shipped to their home for an additional charge.

Financial aid for books and calculators is available for families who receive financial aid. The aid is applied to purchases made through University Book Store. Purchases may be made through the web portal or in person. Purchases made outside of University Bookstore may not be eligible for financial aid. Financial aid does not cover the cost of shipping. Please see the “Families receiving financial aid” section below for more information about how to purchase books using aid.

Access the University Book Store textbook portal at

On the landing page, under the “Course Materials” dropdown menu, select "Students."  (See image). Please note that the images below show a desktop configuration; it will appear slightly different if you are using a mobile device.

Using the “Select a School” dropdown menu, select either “Lakeside Middle School” or “Lakeside Upper School.” (See image).

Select the appropriate term (LUS or LMS 2019-2020), departments, course numbers or sections, and classes using the drop-down menus. As you select classes, they will be added to your current course list. When you have entered all classes, click the “Begin Shopping” button to see the required texts.

To see prices on individual books and to select items to add to your cart, you need to select either "New" or "Used." If these options do not appear for you, try refreshing the web page or using a different web browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE).

Middle School textbooks and supplies

Middle School students will receive their full schedules on the first day of school. To make it easier to purchase textbooks, parents and guardians can get a list of their student’s classes, including language placements, by visiting the family portal in Veracross ( Click the “Classes and Reports” link and then “Course Enrollments” (see image). This list will also include the language level (A, B, C or D) in which students are enrolled. You will need to know the language and language level in which your student is enrolled so you can select the appropriate textbook. Classes that are not listed on the University Book Store portal do not require any textbooks.

Please note that Texas Instruments 30X11S calculators are required for all students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math classes. Families may purchase these calculators independently or through University Book Store.

Financial aid for books (for students in grades 5-8) and calculators (for students in grades 6-8) is available for families who receive financial aid. Aid is applied to purchases made through University Book Store. Purchases may be made through the web portal or in person. Purchases made outside of University Book Store may not eligible for financial aid.  Financial aid does not cover the cost of shipping. Please see the “Families receiving financial aid” section below for more information about how to purchase books using aid.

Middle School supplies for 2019-2020

In addition to textbooks, the following supplies are required for Middle School students.

  • A backpack or duffel bag that fits inside a small locker (12.5'' x 34'').
  • A large, zip-up binder (minimum 2'') with 8-10 dividers.
  • Paper, pens, and pencils.
  • A calculator for grades 6-8 (Texas Instruments 30X11S). These may be purchased through the University Book Store web portal. Please note that families receiving financial aid should purchase calculators through University Book Store in order to have financial aid applied to the purchase of a calculator.
  • Gym clothes (shorts, t-shirt, and athletic shoes).
Upper School textbooks

As noted above, Upper School students will receive an email with information about how to access their schedules on Monday, Aug. 12.

On that day, schedules (including courses and sections) will be listed on the Veracross family and student portals ( The course number is one letter plus a two- or three-digit number (e.g., H60, E300). Any letters that follow (e.g., E300f) indicate the specific class section.

The University Book Store website is set up to select the course (e.g., E300) or course plus class section (E300f) in which a student is enrolled. When all sections of a course share the same required textbooks, the course is listed without a class section (e.g., H60, M110). When sections of a courses are listed out separately (e.g., E300a, E300b, etc.), select just the section in which the student is enrolled.

Please read the article "Graphing calculators for Upper School students" for additional information about calculators.

Please note: If a class in which a student is enrolled does not appear on the University Book Store website, then either the teachers are using e-texts or other instructional materials that will be billed through the student's Lakeside account or there are no required materials that need to be purchased. Many books are already available, the rest are scheduled to arrive in University Book Store locations throughout the month of August.

Once you select the courses/sections (see above to review how to navigate the dropdown menus), click the purple “Begin Shopping” button. You can choose to buy from University Book Store or to compare prices from other vendors, such as  You can also explore other purchasing options on your own. See below for detailed information about financial aid.

If you have any questions about using the University Book Store portal to order textbooks, please contact University Book Store at 206-634-3400 and ask for the textbooks department.

For other textbook-related questions, please contact Camilla Calkins, Lakeside’s coordinator of books and instructional materials, at 206-440-2782 or

Book buyback

University Book Store will pay up to 50 percent of the new price for textbooks in cash, or for an additional 10 percent as in-store credit. Families can sell back books at any University Book Store location – in addition to the University District store, there are locations in Bothell, Mill Creek, and Tacoma. Textbook buyback is available year-round during regular store hours, but the best time to get optimal buyback pricing is early in the summer. 

Families receiving financial aid

Book and calculator purchases using financial aid will require a Lakeside student ID number and the student’s graduation year. The student ID number can be found by visiting the Veracross family portal ( and hovering the mouse pointer over the photo of the student. The ID number will appear just below the photo. When purchasing books in person, families will provide the University Book Store staff with the name, student ID number, and graduation year, and the costs will be billed to Lakeside School financial aid.

To purchase books using the online portal, please do the following:

  1. After selecting items, create a University Book Store online account at the start of the checkout process (or sign into your existing account). To create the account, both check boxes (“I am affiliated with a school…” and “I will be purchasing…”) need to be selected, as well as the appropriate Lakeside School (Middle or Upper).
  2. Select “student” ID type and enter the student Lakeside ID (see image).
  3. Click “Proceed to Checkout.”
  4. Select a delivery method and enter your address. Please note: Even if you plan to pick up items in a physical store, you will need to enter your address.
  5. Select your delivery method. Pickup at a store location is free. Shipping of materials is available for an additional fee not covered by financial aid.
  6. If you select the “In Store or Campus Pickup” option, you will be prompted to enter your student’s Lakeside ID and name.
  7. On the “Choose Payment Method” page, “Financial Aid/Third-Party Billing” will be preselected if you are using Lakeside Financial Aid, but you may need to add your address again. Please click “Continue.”
  8. Confirm that all details are correct before placing your order.


Camilla Calkins, Lakeside's coordinator of books and instruction materials, can be reached at 206-440-2782 or