An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Andrew Krus, director of visual and performing arts

While our performing and visual arts program will look different this year, our faculty are prepared to deliver an outstanding artistic experience to our students. This update is designed to be a brief overview; more information will be shared by teachers to students and families, and in regular updates throughout the year. As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Performing arts

This year — both in remote and blended learning environments — drama, band, choir, and orchestra students will be doing many of the same activities you would expect in a “regular” classroom: act, sing, and play instruments! Students will share their work in online plays, concerts, and presentations that will be accessible to families. Stay tuned for more information.

Private music lesson program

Our private music lesson program will be entirely remote for the school year. The program is open to all Lakeside students. We have reduced the cost of lessons and moved the registration process online. Our music teachers are trained and experienced in delivering high quality online lessons. A link to the registration form will be available soon. Please contact the financial aid office for information about financial aid for lessons.

Visual Arts

We have prepared supply kits for each visual arts student to take home so they can fully engage in the curriculum, whether they are working at home or in an on-campus art studio. Students will create original artwork using digital platforms and traditional materials like clay and paint. Most importantly, students will display their artwork in digital galleries and online art shows. More information about pick-up for arts materials supply kits will be coming soon.

Classroom safety

When Lakeside is able to enter its blended learning model, our arts program will meet or exceed all national safety guidelines in each discipline. Decisions are informed by this study, spearheaded by the National Federation of State High School Associations, which is the primary research study being used by performing arts educators throughout the country. We will be taking extra precautions in hi-touch disciplines like visual art and limiting exposure to aerosols that could be produced in band, choir, and drama. For example, ensemble singing (in choir and drama) will occur outdoors or remotely. Wind instruments can be rehearsed outdoors or indoors with additional precautions.