An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Thank you to everyone — students, families, and faculty and staff — who helped make this first week of blended learning go smoothly. Even as we fine-tune our protocols and smooth out the bumps, we’re buoyed by the joy of seeing many of our students in person.

We’ve also heard from some of our students who have been learning remotely that this has been a hard week in some ways. Members of the student support team are working together to support these students. They will be in touch with families about providing opportunities for socialization and connection for those students who are learning remotely by choice. 

As we end the week, please review the following reminders, requests, and updates.

Survey to clarify which students are coming to campus

One area we need to improve is the accuracy of our information about who is coming to campus and who is staying remote. Many families changed their plans from what they indicated in a November survey. This is completely understandable; however, we need to know families’ plans so teachers can plan their lessons and we can keep campus running smoothly. 

We are asking families to commit to a decision about the period between now and midwinter break (Feb. 15-19). With the exception of families who indicate that their student wants to stay remote for the remainder of the school year, we will resend this survey before midwinter break to ask for families’ decisions about in-person learning this spring. 

Please take a minute to fill out this one-question survey; the deadline is Tuesday, Jan. 19, at noon. 

Take the survey

Check with students about their surveys

All parents and guardians: Students need to submit their lunch orders from their own Veracross account, not from the family account. Please make sure they have done it so that they get their lunches. 

Upper School parents and guardians: Please remind your student that they need to sign up for their before-school, free-period, and lunch spaces. 

Complete the COVID-19 liability waiver and permission to test

If you have not already done so, please log in to your Magnus account to read and sign the updated COVID waiver and permission to test. We must have a signed waiver from each student before they return to campus for in-person learning.

Magnus Health and Trace apps: Download and test before you need them

This week we learned that some families and students had not downloaded the Magnus Health app or the Trace app until they were literally on campus. If your student plans to be on campus the week of Jan. 25, please make sure that you have downloaded and practiced using the apps before Friday, Jan. 22. If you are having problems with them, please contact Bryan Smith before noon on Friday, Jan. 22. On Monday morning, we will not be able to troubleshoot while students are arriving on campus. More information on both apps can be found on the reopening webpage.

And don’t forget: Answer the questions in the Magnus Health app by 7:45 a.m. every morning your student is scheduled to be on campus.  

Off-campus COVID testing

If a student is not able to be tested at Lakeside but is tested elsewhere, the student or parent/guardian must email a copy of the negative test result to Bryan Smith 24 hours before the student is scheduled to be on campus. He will code the information into our system and alert teachers that the student is allowed to be on campus.

Middle School: Drop-off and pickup

Once you pull into the Middle School parking lot, please immediately drop off your student and leave the parking lot. This will help keep traffic from backing up on 1st Ave. Additionally, filling out the Magnus Health app survey before leaving home will help this process go smoothly. Students should be at school no later than 8:10 a.m. 

For pickup, please avoid parking on the side of 135th St. that is adjacent to the school. Buses use that side of 135th. Once you go into the Middle School parking lot, please drive as far as possible into the parking lot, preferably until you are facing the exit onto 135th St. We will make sure students are waiting on the east side of the roundabout (near the field). Please try to keep moving in to allow as many cars as possible to enter the parking lot behind you, to help keep traffic from backing up onto 1st Ave.

Upper School: Check-in and check-out process 

Upper School students scheduled to be on campus must sign in and out when they arrive after 9:10 a.m. (if they don’t have a first-period class or advisory) or leave before 3:15 p.m. As always, if a student doesn’t have a first-period class, they must sign in with Ms. Wong at the student center. Students cannot leave and then return to campus later that same day. There are no off-campus privileges for seniors this year because of the pandemic.

Jan. 20-22: All students remote

A reminder: All students will learn remotely during the short week of Jan. 20-22.

Cohort schedule published through spring break

The rotating cohort schedule through spring break, which begins April 12, is now on the school’s online calendar. Read more about the rotating cohorts in the Jan. 6 reopening update

Lakeside Athletics

Yesterday, Director of Athletics Chris Hartley emailed students and families with information about Lakeside’s approach to athletics through the end of the year. Find his message here.

Parents and guardians from both divisions are invited to a webinar with Hartley and other administrators on Thursday, Feb. 11, at 8 a.m. That webinar will be recorded and posted on the parents and guardians webpage afterward. 


The Jan. 14 Middle School webinar for parents and guardians is published on the parents and guardians webpage. It includes a tour of the Middle School with students in attendance. 

The Feb. 11 Upper School webinar for parents and guardians has been changed to an all-school parents and guardians webinar focused on Lakeside Athletics (see above).