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November 2022 Health and Safety Update

Ensuring a safe and healthy learning environment for our students and employees is a top priority at Lakeside School. Keeping everyone safe is a community effort — every person’s actions make a difference. Please review the following two updates about post-Thanksgiving testing and the bivalent COVID-19 booster. For additional questions about health and safety, review the health and safety webpage.

Post-Thanksgiving Testing

All Lakeside students and employees must take a rapid antigen test before returning to campus after Thanksgiving break. Tests should be administered the day before returning to campus for the resumption of classes (or professional development, in the case of employees). Lakeside can provide an antigen test kit to anyone who needs one for this purpose. Tests are available in the Middle School main office, the Upper School main office in Bliss Hall, or the business office in Moore Hall at the Upper School. If you need help accessing a test and are unable to come to campus, please email

Please note: According to the Washington State Department of Health (DOH), expiration dates on rapid antigen tests may no longer be accurate; last spring, the DOH released an official approval for the use of expired tests. Learn how to tell if a test is still usable.

Negative test results do not need to be reported. If you receive a positive test result, please stay home, follow the CDC guidelines for isolation, and email the school at so that we can best support you. Review information about what else to do if you or your student test positive for COVID here

Thank you in advance for testing before returning to campus. It will help keep our community healthy and provide valuable peace of mind. 

Booster Update

After consultation with Lakeside’s Medical Advisory Board, we have decided that we will not require students or employees to receive the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine booster. However, similar to the flu vaccine, we strongly recommend that community members receive this booster because the best way to protect against COVID is to stay up-to-date on vaccines. This bivalent booster provides broad protection against COVID-19 and has been updated to better target the omicron variant. COVID-19 vaccines can help protect against severe illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19. As the virus changes and your immunity naturally decreases over time, you may lose some of that protection.

Questions about post-Thanksgiving testing and the booster update can be emailed to