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Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards

Three Lakeside students received national awards in the Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards. Junior Anya S. received a National Gold Medal for her essay, “The White Man,” in the personal essay and memoir category. Gabi G. ’24 was awarded a National Gold Medal for her essay, “This is Not What I Signed Up For,” also in the personal essay and memoir category. Iris O. ’24 received a National Silver Medal for her essay, “Ear-iss; A Blank Slate,” in the personal essay and memoir category.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the nation’s longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for students in grades 7–12. This year, students submitted more than 350,000 works of visual art and writing.

Many Lakeside students were recognized at the regional level, receiving Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention commendations in the Western Region-at-Large. The following student works received awards.

Gold Key

David C. ’22, photography, “Holding On”
David C. ’22, photography, “Foggy Mornings”
Anbini G. ’24, photography, “Shadows of a Still Day”
Anbini G. ’24, photography, “Suspended”
Anbini G. ’24, poetry, “Into All Space”
Jennifer H. ’23, architecture & industrial design, “Oceanscraper: Sustainable Underwater Shell Homes”
Rishi L. ’24, photography, “An Ugly Duckling?”
Mia M. ’24, poetry, “12 Ways of Seeing Shoes”
Anna W. ’22, poetry, “From Dominique”
Victor X. ’21, science fiction and fantasy, “the Rapture”
Isabelle Y. ’24, personal essay/memoir, “Shatter”
Aaron Z. ’23, poetry, “Oyster”

Silver Key

Elinor C. ’25, poetry, “The Beauty in This World”
David C. ’22, photography, “Gondolas of Venice”
Kaitlyn C. ’24, personal essay/memoir, “Moments to Remember”
Kaitlyn C. ’24, poetry, “Auntie Who”
Anbini G. ’24, photography, “An Unknown Mask”
Ai-Li H. ’22, painting, “Sky with Orange”
Andy H. ’23, critical essay, “Can I Get a Refill?”
John K. ’24, poetry, “Vibrant and Flashy”
Lillian L. ’22, painting, “Self Portrait”
Jenny L. ’23, personal essay/memoir, “Repiece the Sky”
Rishi L. ’24, photography, “A Cascading Pool”
Iris O. ’24, personal essay/memoir, “Then Why Don’t You”
Anya S. ’21, humor, “How to “Write” a Successful Analytical Essay”
Grace T. ’22, poetry, “What I’d Like to Say to You”
Raina W. ’24, painting, “Eye of the Mockingbird”
Victor X. ’21, photography, “The New American Demigods”
Isabelle Y. ’24, poetry, “Submerged”
Sydney Y. ’22, sculpture, “Operational”
Aaron Z. ’23, poetry, “Rain Over Stonehenge, Kyoto”

Honorable Mentions

Kaitlyn C. ’24, short story, “Stars”
Anbini G. ’24, photography, “The Light of Dusk”
Gabi G. ’24, poetry, “Life Renga”
Andy H. ’23, critical essay, “Immortalized Mortals”
Jenny L. ’21, personal essay/memoir, “A Letter to my Romeo”
Rishi L. ’24, personal essay/memoir, “Personality Poem Collection”
Raina W. ’24, poetry, “Fleeting are the Clouds”
Raina W. ’24, personal essay/memoir, “Summer Blues”
Raina W. ’24, science fiction and fantasy, “Whisper of the Lost”
Victor X. ’21, poetry, “Family History”
Victor X. ’21, Film & Animation, “The Forager”
Victor X. ’21, Film & Animation, “Sparring”
Victor X. ’21, short story, “Stop”
Victor X. ’21, poetry, “The Tides”
Victor X. ’21, poetry, “Varsity Boys”
Kaitlin Y. ’24, personal essay/memoir, “Weightless Burden”
Gene Y. ’23, personal essay/memoir, “My Piano”
Sofia Y. ’24, poetry, “Fail to Notice”

Seattle Youth Poet Laureate cohort

Nathalie M. '21, Connor S. '22, and Victor X. '21 have been selected as members of the Seattle Arts & Lecture's Seattle Youth Poet Laureate cohort. Victor will serve as the digital engagement ambassador for the cohort, and Nathalie will serve as the public outreach and exposure ambassador.

The program aims to identify youth writers and leaders committed to poetry, performance, civic and community engagement, education, and equity across the Puget Sound region. Learn more about the program on their website

Students are in the process of submitting a video recording of one of their pieces that will be featured on the Seattle Arts & Lecture’s Youth Poet Laureate webpage on June 9.