An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Junior Joshua K.’s capstone project was recently selected from nearly 300 student projects for the Global Online Academy’s (GOA) Catalyst Exhibition Showcase. His presentation, "How does the fact that our society focuses solely on what individuals need to do to combat climate change rather than governments and companies hinder our efforts to effectively combat climate change?" was selected for its potential to catalyze positive change on important issues. All featured projects were driven by a ‘beautiful’ question, and either proposed or lived out a solution that aims to make progress on a chosen UN Sustainable Development Goal; pursued and applied research that offers a for-now response; or aims to make a change or an impact on a community of the student’s choosing.

The Catalyst Exhibition Showcase is a global, online event for students in the GOA consortium to share projects designed to spark change in their communities. Each presentation is the culmination of a capstone project that asked students to transform learning from their courses into research-based solutions for real-world issues.

View Joshua’s project, and the 21 other selected student works, on the showcase website.