An Independent School • Grades 5-12

In the 2020-2021 school year, Lakeside School will host several affinity and alliance groups for employees. “The purpose and intention of the groups varies a bit, but broadly they are meant to be spaces where people can gather with colleagues who [share their identity]” wrote Merissa Reed and James Nau, who serve on the diversity, equity, and inclusion team as faculty equity programs coordinators. The adult affinity groups emerge from the equity and inclusion initiative Our Work Together, specifically goal 4: “Continue to nurture a school culture that acknowledges and honors difference, leading to an increasingly inclusive school where every individual is listened to, respected, and valued.”

Social gatherings for employees of color

These gatherings are intended for any faculty or staff member that identifies as a person of color. The purpose of these events is to offer a space where people of color from different departments and both divisions can gather for connection. Our hope is that our faculty and staff of color can build meaningful and supportive relationships that empower them and strengthen our community.

Social gatherings for employees who identify as LGBTQ+

This gathering is open to all members of our faculty and staff community who identify as LGBTQ+. While its primary purpose is social and intended to foster community, our hope is to establish collegial relationships that are supportive, empowering, and affirming.

AWARE: Alliance of white anti-racist educators

AWARE began in 2017-2018 as a group of employees who identify as white and who are committed to learning about race and allyship. The group’s aim is to educate members proactively and from a place of internal motivation, rather than relying on people of color to educate others about race. Members aim to work in solidarity with, and accountability to, people of color. The group is open to people who are in different starting places with this work, and it provides practice opportunities to use what is learned and make learning personal. In addition to learning, the group is working toward an advocacy role that is focused on racial justice and equity.

Anti-racist book club

Faculty and staff from the Middle School and Upper School connect and discuss issues of race and education, starting with a common reading. 

Learn more about student affinity and alliance groups, as well as affinity groups for parents and guardians, on our diversity, equity, and inclusion webpage.